Would you like to learn German? It is high time you did so!

I have been learning the German language since 1999. I started working as an au-pair in 2011 in Germany. I worked as a waiter, a gardener and a factory worker on the German-Swiss border therefore I had the chance to meet different dialects of the German language. I graduated as a philologist of the English and German language (linguistics, history and culture) in 2015 (ELTE, Budapest, Hungary).

I finished my Master studies at the same university in 2018 and I became an English and German high school teacher.

I have been teaching German as a foreign language for more than 6 years. I have had the chance to teach students from various nationalities: Hungarian, African, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Croatian, English, Irish, Israeli, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, American, Argentinean and Canadian.

I currently live in Germany.

The main segments of my lessons are understanding, collaboration, getting to know each other, trust and having all of these important factors we can build up the knowledge of the German language and improve the four learning skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking).

My lessons are communication-based but I love working with Grammar and I love showing my students that grammar can be attractive as well. I have been teaching from the following books for years:


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